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Langley Park School for Boys recognises that e-Safety is important and we aim to promote safe practice by our pupils. Staying safe online and learning to recognise potentially harmful situations is an invaluable skill for everyone to learn.
Instant Messaging
  • Keep your own profile on IM simple
  • Don’t include lots of information about yourself, like your hobbies, favourite band your address and school. 
  • Use a cartoon character rather than a photograph of yourself
  • If someone adds you to their contact list and you don’t know them, make sure you block them.
  • Avoid using a webcam as images can be recorded
Mobile Phones and Gaming
  • Pictures can be changed or shared around
  • Once a picture is sent it is out there its out there forever!
  • Make sure you lock your Bluetooth
  • Remember that people are not always who they say
  • Use a nickname as your username/ character name
  • You don’t need to share personal information to enjoy the game!
Internet Content
  • Information maybe from offensive or illegal sources
  • Information may have a biased view or opinion - Don't believe everything you see or read on the internet.
  • Investigate to see if the information is facts or just views or opinions.
  • Some information can be extremely harmful, like the promoting of pornography or anorexia websites.
Internet Conduct
  • The conduct of people may be affected by the apparent anonymity of the Internet
  • People may behave differently on-line to when they are in social situations.
  • This can lead them to do things that may have a harmful effect on others or themselves
  • People feel safe or secure behind a computer, therefore more malicious or harmful activities take place, as they think they can't be caught.
  • Question and think about your actions before you carry out any tasks using the internet.
  • Cyberbulling is not acceptable and people will get caught if they are reported to be carrying this out
Internet Contact
  • Don’t share too much information with other people in chat rooms.
  • Make sure you know how to block Instant Messaging contacts. They will not be told you have blocked them; you will just appear offline in their contacts list, so they cannot message you.
  • Be careful who you accept and remember you can always delete a
  • contact if you don’t wish to talk to them anymore.
  • Remember that people are not always who they say they are
  • Students should never try to contact a member of staff on any social or gaming network sites.
Be SMART Online
Click the image to download and print our guide to e-saftey
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